Bonamour Sleep Company

About Us

We developed the first 2oz "sleep shot" in 2009 and have been making innovative sleep solutions ever since.

As people's sleep challenges have evolved, so have our products.

In 2021, we created another first. The Bonamour Sleep System was the first at-home brainwave entrainment system optimized for deep sleep. We have now helped over 20,000 people get better sleep with the help of this product.


I just received my PROxs (with Sleepmask gift) and I'm in love with both. Thank you Catherine for recommending the XS with gift."

I bought the original Bonamour Sleep in 2019 and just upgraded to the Bonamour Sleep (2023) model. Loving the new earbuds and library!

The only non-prescription sleep aid I've found that actually works. I use my Bonamour earbuds nightly and the Sleep Mask when I really want to block everything out.

Have slept with Bonamour products for at least three years and just bought the new XS extra small earbuds, have been a fan and still am. Bonamour sleep products work.

I have the 2019 Bonamour Sleep product and the Bonamour mask and just received my 2023 Bonamour Sleep System. The new features and updates are awesome. Thank you for these products, they are a life saver for me.