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Product Differentiators

The Bonamour Sleep PRO (2023) is smaller than the Bonamour Sleep System (2023) and provides additional noise reduction features with the latest in passive noise cancelling design.

The product offers a soft silicone design for each point that touches the ear.


(Sound Library for Life)

Order today, and get the Bonamour Sleepscape Sound Library for Life.

This is the same promotion currently being offered with the Bonamour Sleep System (2023).

I rated my purchase 5 stars not just for the product but also for the customer service.

John D.

Owned the sleep mask for months and just added the Sleep System, so far I love it.

Stephanie W.

Own three Bonamour sleep products, have given a 5-star rating on all of them.

Karen P.

I got the sleep mask as a gift with purchase on sleep system purchase, love them both.

Aimee K.

Have been with Bonamour at least 5 years, just got the sleep system. Maybe my fave!

Stephanie H.

Use the the sleep mask about every weekend and the earbuds every weeknight.

Vanessa P.