A Better Sleep Earbud Alternative

Finally a luxury sleep earbud alternative to the discontinued Bose sleepbud is here.

Benefiting from 18 months of newer technology, the Bonamour Sleep PRO (2024) is the best sleep earbud in the market today.

Fall Asleep Faster

40-50% Reduction

Sleep All Night

Reduce Interruptions

More Deep Sleep

60-70% Improvement

Wake Refreshed

No Grogginess

Nature Sounds

Nature's Surroundings

Water Sounds

Rainstorms & Streams

Color Noises

Tinnitus Solutions

Many More

8 Sound Categories

All-in-1 Systems

What's Included

Our sleep systems come with everything you need in one box to start enjoying your best night's sleep immediately.

Bellabeats Technology

Brainwave Entrainment

Micro-Sized Earbuds

For Side Sleepers

Slepscape Sound LIbrary

Bellabeats Tracks

5-Year Full Coverage Warranty

100% Coverage

4.8 out of 5 stars

Real People. Real Stories.

Hundreds of 5-Star reviews on 3rd-party product review sites and hundreds and hundreds more happy Bonamour sleepers have left their comments below.

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