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The Bonamour Sleep System™ is the first at-home brainwave entrainment system optimized specifically for deep sleep.  This all-inclusive sleep system includes the Bonamour sleep earbuds and and Bonamour Sleepscapes Sound Library embedded with binaural beat technology for enhanced deep sleep experiences.

Own three Bonamour sleep products, have given a 5-star rating on all of them.

Karen P.

Owned the sleep mask for months and just added the Sleep System, so far I love it.

Stephanie W.

Have been with Bonamour at least 5 years, just got the sleep system. Maybe my fave!

Stephanie H.

I rated my purchase 5 stars not just for the product but also for the customer service.

John D.

I got the sleep mask as a gift with purchase on sleep system purchase, love them both.

Aimee K.

Use the the sleep mask about every weekend and the earbuds every weeknight.

Vanessa P.